Mellowmood Full Monty
Iceglint I'm Edward Iceglint I'm Spike
Pastrich Beauty Patches by Iceglint
Nightranger Ice Ice Baby for Mellowmood Wybuleigh Third Domein from Ivabully
Mellowmood Vonies Girl of Nightranger
Rebel from the Raising Bulldogs Multi Champion
Wyecaple Karaoke
Bontonloch Barney Magroo
Coldstream Pepperino at Wyecaple
Seabright Silver Shadow Multi.Champion
Wyecaple Good to Go
Beclever vh Slaghek



Beauxchiens Barney Bear of Rhobull Boy George Lynmanns Sandow
Cheval Explamation
Lewistaff Chista at Rhobull Dandant Mozart of Lewistaff
Drumonde Lady Charlotte of Lewistaff
Rhobull Just Nancy Lynmanns Stagestruck Lynmanns Sandow
Lynmanns Scarlet Ohara
Poolbull Brown Eyed Baby at Rhobull Mellowmood Original
Mellowmood Gentle Girl



My Star First To Fight By Nobozz Champion, Jr Ch
Ocobo Candy King
Ocobo Flag Ship Mystyle
Mystyle Eye Candy Ocobo
World Champion
My Star Lady Macbeth
La Chata Merriveando
My Star Lady in Waiting
Nobozz Dollie Day Dream Birchingtons Duke Of York Ch, Int Ch, World Ch
Draco Malfoy
Kenmillix Carme
Nobozz We Will Rock You Champion
Praetorian Parnassus
Nobozz She Rock My World